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Colleges, Universities, Law and Medical Schools in Austria

There are about 20 good colleges, universities and graduate schools in Austria that offer graduate programs in engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D. A list of these educational institutions is provided below.

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  1. Austrian Academy of Sciences - Institute for Demography
    The Vienna Institute of Demography has recently been expanded and internationalised. It strives for the combination of scientific excellence with proactive relevance in analysing and projecting demographic trends and in evaluating the social and economic consequences of population ageing. Thus the VID combines innovative methodological work with empirical analysis and communication of scientifically based insights. It gives special attention to the demography of Austria and to European comparative analysis. The Institute is embedded in the structure of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

  2. European Peace University
    The EPU program represents a challenge to students both inside and outside the classroom. It facilitates conversations and reflections on the many theoretical and practical issues the world is confronted with today. The EPU provides students with an understanding of peace and conflict in the world that reaches beyond purely academic limits. The EPU's effort has been to create an embryonic experience of what a true transnational culture might be like, respectful of diversity and pluralism, without the constant threat of conflict, but with a permanent need for tolerance, understanding and mutual learning.

  3. Graz University of Technology
    Graz University of Technology is one among the most steeped in tradition institutions of scientific research and teachings in Austria. The core authority DO Graz covers theory and research within the range of the engineering sciences and technical natural sciences.

  4. Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna
    The Institute for Advanced Studies is divided into three departments of scientific research plus an IT department: Economics & Finance, Political Science, Sociology, The institute counts approximately 60 scientific employees and 26 administrative employees. About 50 students are presently participating in the postgraduate course programs.

  5. Institute for Tourism and Leisure Studies
    Offers doctoral programs in Consumer / tourist behavior, IT & tourism, Adaptive methodology and Corporate Learning and Performance measurement.

  6. Institute of Forest Ecology - BOKU
    Offers Ecology, Scientific Information Management, Presentation Techniques and Scientific Writing,Excercises in Vegetation Dynamics,Forest Ecosystem Dynamics I, Forest Ecosystem Dynamics II, Ecology of Mountain Forests, Field methods for the examination of forest nutrition, Forest Soils and Mineral Nutrition of Forests, Biogeochemistry of forest ecosystems, Water, Nutrients and Pollutants in Forest Ecosystems etc.,

  7. Karl-Franzens University of Graz
    Offers Faculty of Catholic Theology Institutes,Faculty of Law Institutes,Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences Institutes, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Institutes, Faculty of Natural Sciences Institutes,Inter disciplinary Departments Range of Studies.

  8. Salzburg College
    Salzburg College offers you the opportunity to: Live in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe,Study in English with European faculty who will give you personal attention, Learn or perfect a foreign language where it is actually spoken, Integrate classroom study and field experience, Gain professional experience through a business internship, Offers Language and Literature, European Studies, Communication Studies, Business, Art History and Music, Studio Art and Photography, Music Performance.

  9. University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz
    This is the institute of space and design.The academic programme is organised along the following six subjects:Architectural concepts and design | representation techniques, Theory and history of architecture and design, Construction engineering, building construction, building ecology, Urban construction and landscape design, Organisation and management, General art and design studies.

  10. University of Innsbruck
    Offers Faculty of Catholic Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Statistics, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities 1, Faculty of Humanities 2 (Language and Literature), Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering.

  11. University of Klagenfurt
    Klagenfurt University has been future-oriented and dynamic from the day it was founded. Today it is Carinthia's leading educational and research institution. It opens out its doors to the whole world and thrives on interculturality and people whose minds know no frontiers.

  12. University of Leobon
    Offers Process Engineering, Industrial Environmental Protection, Disposal Techniques and Recycling, elective,Metallurgy, Ferrous and Steel Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering, Metal Forming, Heat Engineering, Industrial Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Automation of Plant Machinery and Plants, Plant machinery, Applied Geophysics and Petroleum Geology.

  13. University of Vienna
    Duke Rudolf IV and is therefore one of the oldest universities in Europe. The University is proud of having been the home of several Nobel Prize Laureates. 63,000 students from 130 countries are currently enrolled at the University which offers more than 135 Bachelor, Master, Diploma and Doctoral programmes in the fields of study covered by its Faculties. Research and education at the University of Vienna encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, ranging from theology, jurisprudence, economics, computer science, to the humanities and to the social and natural sciences.

  14. Universität für Bodenkultur
    The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, known too by its acronym "BOKU", now comprises 13 departments and four service centres in Vienna, as well as a number of experimental centres around Vienna. The principal university buildings are located in two areas, the Türkenschanze and Muthgasse. At Türkenschanze are located the departments which provide teaching and research and teaching in the agricultural sciences, forestry, wood technology, and landscape architecture and conservation; the departments concerned with food science, biotechnology, land and water management and civil engineering are based at Muthgasse.

  15. Universität Salzburg
    Paris Lodron university is with their over 11.000 studying and about 1,600 woman employees and coworkers in research, teachings and administration the largest educational facility in city and country Salzburg. As a integrativer component of the cultural and economic life it is place of the meeting between instruction and studying, science and public. Offers Catholic-theological faculty, Jurisprudential faculty, Culture & socio-scientific faculty, Scientific faculty, Interfakultaere of specialist areas.

  16. Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
    Postgraduate Medical Education Postgraduate Medical Education in Austria is handled by the Austrian Medical Society. It offers two main features: Postgraduate courses for foreign medical graduates and the "Postgradueller Universitätslehrgang für medizinische Führungskräfte". Medical Associations hosted by the VMA are Austrian Council on Smoking and Health, Austrian Society of Angiology, Austrian Society for Bone and Mineral Research, Austrian Society of Chemotherapy, Austrian Society for Cosmetology and Research of the Skin, Austrian Society of Cytometry, Austrian Society of Nephrologic Care and Dialysis Technology, Austrian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantations etc.,

  17. Vienna University of Economics
    Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration established partnerships with a number of renowned universities in Asia. Early in the year, Yonsei University in Korea and Singapore Management University joined our Asian partner universities, and in November Tongji University and Fudan University in Shanghai/China followed.offering a three-year degree program. The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration has an impressive track record in research.Including not only business and economics, but also formal sciences, law, social sciences and humanities.

  18. Vienna University of Technology
    The TU offers a wide range of possibilities for studying: At the university's eight faculties (Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation; Faculty of Physics; Faculty of Chemistry; Faculty of Informatics; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Faculty of Civil Engineering; Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning) students can study from Architecture and Planning up to Chemical Engineering, Technical Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics but also the Secondary School Teacher Accreditations Descriptive Geometry, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

  19. Webster University, Vienna
    Webster University is an American University with a global perspective. Through our international network of campuses, students have the opportunity to study in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The language of instruction is English in all locations, but students also have the opportunity to also learn the language of the country they are studying in. For over 20 years, Webster's Vienna campus has been providing a high standard of education in Austria, giving students from all over the world the opportunity to experience the benefits of an American education. It is an education with an international focus, with students from over 60 different countries, and faculty from 15 countries. Offers Art, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Psychology, Business Administration, Art History etc.,

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