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Colleges, universities and graduate schools in Portugal that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D.

  1. Asia International Open University
    It make full use of its close relations with higher education institutions in China and will continue to develop quality professional programs including business administration, public administration and international commercial law programs to be offered in Macau, Hong Kong and China.

  2. Aula do Risco
    Offers Creative writing, Writing for web, Flash, Writing for cinema and video, Drawing web (web design), Max Zone, Technological initiation

  3. Catholic University of Portugal/Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
    Having three major catogories of studty such as Marketing- The specialization in Marketing intends to give to know to its participants a actuais set of concepts and techniques that qualify them to a continuous analysis of the environment, Finance and Human Resourse Management

  4. Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliarias
    ESAI is a four year college providing real estate vocational training.

  5. Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de LIsboa
    The Faculdade de Economia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa leads Portugal in the teaching and research of Economics and Business Administration disciplines. Conceived with a spirit of innovation, its principles are modeled on those of American universities, where a great many of its professors obtained their doctoral degrees.

  6. Institute for Tourism Studies
    The Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT), the first WTO-Themis TedQual certified institution in tourism education, is a public institution of higher education, offering tourism and hospitality management education, as well as related professional training.

  7. Instituto Politecnico do Porto
    IPP began its activity in 1985 as a result of the 1979 re-definition of the national education strategy which re-instated polytechnic universities.With locations in Porto, Matosinhos, Póvoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde and Felgueiras the IPP forms an academic community of over 16.000 students.

  8. Instituto Superior de Gestão
    It has 20 years more than that the ISIG - Superior Institute of Computer science and Management, form Engineers with recognized quality for the biggest companies in Portugal: ICL, IBM, Microsoft, New Base, ORACLE, SAP, Unisys, Accenture, Altitude, Cisco, CPC, Edinfor, HP, Valnet Sado, Novis, Optimus, Vodafone, TMN, Portugal Telecom, CGD etc.,

  9. Instituto Superior Politecnico Gaya (ISPGaya)
    Offers diploma courses in various fields such as electrical , Electronics, Civil etc.,

  10. Inter-University Institute of Macau
    The Macau Inter University Institute (IIUM, derived from its Portuguese acronym of Instituto Inter-Universitãrio de Macau) was created in 1996 as an institution of higher education, connected by structural, academic, and social bonds to the Special Administrative Region of Macau, to Portugal, and to mainland China.

  11. Macau Polytechnic Institute
    The School of Arts was formerly the Visual Arts Institute, which was established by Macao Cultural Institute in 1989. It was incorporated into the Macao Polytechnic Institute in 1993. The School consists of three departments including the department of design, music and visual arts.

  12. UCP - Centro Regional do Porto
    The Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) is a public, non-profit institution established in 1967 by Papal Holy decree. Its diplomas and degree titles are equally valid to those conferred by public universities.

  13. Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
    Universidade Catolica Portuguesa constitute of three colleges such as College of Philosophy, College of Theology and College of Social Sciences

  14. Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI)
    Offers courses in sciences, Sciences of the Health, Sciences of Engineering, Arts and Letters, Social sciences and Human beings

  15. Universidade da Madeira
    Offers courses such as Arts and Design, Biology, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Psychology and Humanities

  16. Universidade de Aveiro
    Offer education through the following institutes and departments Undergraduate studies, Graduate Studies Institute, Research Institute, Department of Ceramics and Glass Engineering, Department of Geosciences, Department of Chemistry

  17. Universidade de Coimbra (University of Coimbra)
    Offers degrees in the following areas Law, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy

  18. Universidade de Evora
    Offers Computer science and Management, Agricultural Engineering, Arquitectura, Arquitectura Paisagista, Artes Visuais, Biochemistry, Bioengineering - Landscape Planning and Environmental Management and Biology

  19. Universidade de Trás os Montes e Alto Douro
    Offers education in the following areas such as Agrarian Sciences, Exactas Sciences, Natural and Technological, Sciences Social Human beings and Polar regions

  20. Universidade do Porto
    Offers education through Faculty of Architecture (FAUP), Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUP), Faculty of Science (FCUP), Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences (FCNAUP), Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education (FCDEF), Faculty of Law (FDUP), Faculty of Economics (FEP), Faculty of Engineering (FEUP), Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUP), Faculty of Arts (FLUP), Faculty of Medicine (FMUP)

  21. Universidade dos Açores
    Offers the following degree courses Biology, Sciences of Technology and Development, Geosciences, Modern Languages and Literature, Science of Education, Economy and Management, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences and Mathematics

  22. Universidade Fernando Pessoa
    The University Fernando Person is the innovative result of one projecto of superior education, initiate in the years of 1980, through the Superior Institute of Sciences of the Information and the Company, and the Institute Superior Erasmus de Ensino, that had served to it of estruturante base.

  23. Universidade Independente
    Offers ecucation in the area of Arts and Design , Engineering and Techn ologies, Humanities, Physchology etc.,

  24. Universidade Lusiada
    Having the following faculties College of Architecture and Arts, College of Sciences of the Economy and the Company, College of Sciences Social Human beings and Law school

  25. Universidade Portucalense
    Offers Mathematics(In the scientific-pedagogical area the leccionação of a licenciatura course, the licenciatura in Mathematics with three branches has its position: the Educational branch, the branch of Mathematics Applied to the Technique and the branch of Statistics and Management of Information), Economics, History etc.,

  26. Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa
    The university is integration of the College of Medicina Veterinária (FMV), the Superior Institute of Agronomia (ISA), the Superior Institute of Economy and Gestão (ISEG), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the Superior Institute of Social Sciences and Politics (ISCSP), the College of Motricidade Humana (FMH) and the College of Arquitectura (FA).

  27. University of Lisbon
    Offers courses in Literature, Medicine, Natural History etc.,

  28. University of Macau
    Offer education through Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), Faculty of Education (FED), Faculty of Law (FLL), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSH), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)

  29. University of Minho
    It is one of the then named "New Universities" that, at that time, deeply changed the landscape of higher education in Portugal. Located in the region of Minho, known for its significant economic activity and by the youth of its population, University of Minho has played the role of development agent in the region.

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