List of Colleges, top Universities, best B Schools, ranking Graduate Engineering Schools in Germany, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf

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Top ranked Colleges, best universities, graduate schools and best ranking business schools in Germany that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D. Schools, colleges in Berlin, Bonn, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and other major cities in Germany
  1. Academy of Media Arts Cologne
    The name "Academy of Media Arts" itself expresses the entire spectrum of interests supported by teaching and research at this institution, namely art in the age of its technological (re)production. The process of formulating and developing the interaction between artistic imagination, theoretical and historical knowledge and individual expression by means of new media places high demands on students as well as on the academic staff of the Academy.

  2. Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
    The following colleges are under teh Albert-Ludwigs- University, College of Theology, College of Law, College of Economics and Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Philology, College of Humanities, College of Mathematics and Physics, College of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Earth Sciences, College of Biology, College of Forest and Environmental Sciences, College of Applied Sciences

  3. AV Rheno-Guestfalia zu Kiel
    Offer studies through Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science, Faculty of Engineering (english version)

  4. Bergische Universität - Gesamthochschule Wuppertal
    Offers Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Safety Engineering, Faculty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art, Faculty of Education Science

  5. Berufsakademie Stuttgart
    The Berufsakademie focuses on an outstanding concept that combines high-level academic work with practical training on the job. It offers three fields of study as there are Business Administration, Engineering and Social Work.Offers Management in Industry, Management in Insurance, Management in Trade, Management of Health Services

  6. Carl Theodor Institute for International Business Studies
    CTI Heidelberg is a newly established international business institute which offers unique opportunities for studying the fields of international business and economics, whilst gaining a cultural understanding of the world's major business nations.CTI offers the following degree programmes: Bachelor of (International) Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of International Tourism Management (ISTM), Master in Global Management (MBA).

  7. Dusseldorf University
    Offers medicine, biotechnology, applied physical chemistry, biological data processing, international communication and having the following faculties Medical faculty, Legal faculty, Philosophical one Faculty, Mathematical, Natural science, liche faculty, Economics, scientific faculty

  8. Experimentalphysik 1
    Offers courses in Spirit and society sciences, Engineering sciences, Natural sciences, Medicine and offers various faculties Faculty for philosophy, Paedagogik and journalism Faculty for science of history, Faculty for philology, Faculty for civil engineerings, Faculty for mechanical engineering, Faculty for mathematics, Faculty for physics and astronomy, Faculty for geosciences, Faculty for chemistry

  9. Fachbereich Elektrotechnik
    At the Institute of Electronic Appliances and Circuits we offer the specialization Electromechanical Constructions and Systems .Courses in Fundamentals of Electronics, Fundamentals of Electromechanic Construction, Theoretical Electrical Engeneering, Electronic Ciruit Theory, Microsystems, Circuit Design, Special Topics on Electronic Systems

  10. Fachhochschule - Heilbronn
    Offers Diploma course of studies medical computer science (MI), Master course of studies information management in the medicine (IN) for lady doctors and physicians.The course is divided into a first and a second section and an individual project (diploma thesis) The first section covers fundamentals, especially of informatics and Medical Informatics, as well as fundamentals of mathematics, medical physics, electrical measurement techniques, medicine, and health economics.

  11. Fachhochschule - Köln
    Offers Faculty for applied social sciences, Faculty for culture sciences, Faculty for information and communication sciences, Faculty for economic science, Faculty for architecture, Faculty for civil engineerings and environmental technology, Faculty for information -, medium and electro-technology, Faculty for vehicle systems and production, Faculty for plants, energy and machine systems, Faculty for computer science and engineering sciences

  12. Fachhochschule - Oldenburg
    Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven is distinguished by application-based teaching and research as well as having a strong, practical aspect. The aim of this practical orientation is flexibility, i.e. to apply the theory and methodology to knowledge gained through specific professional problems.This adaptability is systematically trained in courses at the University of Applied Sciences.

  13. Fachhochschule Aachen
    The Jülich Division of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, has responded to the challenge posed by the demands of modern business by developing the International Studies in Technology program (IST). Offers Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,Physical Engineering (Applied Physics) and Biomedical Technology

  14. Fachhochschule Erfurt - University of Applied Sciences
    Offers Applied Computer Science (Informatics), Architecture, Conservation and Restoration, Civil Engineering , Social Studies, Economics and Business Administration, Horticulture, Service Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Transport and Communications

  15. Fachhochschule Furtwangen
    Offer various srudies through Computer & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science,Product Engineering /Engineering with Business Studies, Business Applications of Computer Science, Digital Media, Mechanical and process engineering, International Business

  16. Fachhochschule für Technik Esslingen (Technical University Esslingen)
    The FHTE has 9 departments with 18 study programs. 8 departments are concerned with the teaching of and research into specific fields of engineering. The Department of Fundamental Sciences is a central department serving the entire university. Offeres Manufacturing Management, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Fundamental Sciences, Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Production and Organization, Electronics, Precision Engineering

  17. Fachhochschule Landshut
    Specialized in Marketing and management, Electro-technology and industrial engineer nature, Computer science Mechanical engineering, Social work, Course of studies of system engineering, The laboratories of the specialist areas

  18. Fachhochschule Nürnberg
    Offers General sciences, Applied chemistry, Architecture, Civil engineering, Marketing and management, Electro-technology, fine mechanics, information technology, Organization, Computer science Mechanical engineering and supply engineering, Process engineering, Materials engineering

  19. Fachhochschule Potsdam
    The type of courses on offer at the university range from (civil) engineering, to social and information sciences, as well as cultural and creative courses of study. Through the medium of its competence networks "New Media and Knowledge Management", "The Building and Cultural Landscape of Brandenburg" "Social and Cultural Construction of Society", the University reflects the atmosphere of the region of Brandenburg itself, one which combines both modernity and tradition.

  20. Fachhochschule Reutlingen
    The University has seven Schools in various areas of Technology and Business Administration. Offers Applied Chemistry, Informatics, School of Business, International Business, Production Management, Textiles, Technology and also Engineering in Chemistry with Marketing, Master of Engineering in Bio- and Process Analysis, Technical Polymeres

  21. Fachschaften (TUM)
    Architecture, Management-oriented economical, Structure study - MBA, Civil engineer and Surveying, Management economics, Electrical and Information technology, Medicine, Sport

  22. FernUniversitaet Hagen
    As the first and only distance teaching university in the German-speaking countries and regions it offers degree programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as research-oriented academic further education. There are six faculties: Computer Science; Economics; Cultural and Social Sciences ; Electrical and Information Engineering; Mathematics; and Law.

  23. Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
    IGD focuses on the development of product prototypes (hard- and software) and the realization of concepts, models, and solutions for computer graphics and its adaption to specific application requirements. The work is rounded off by object-oriented basic research projects and the realization of single devices and computer graphics systems with pilot character (e.g. virtual and augmented reality, mobile computing, and security technologies).

  24. Freie Universitaet Berlin
    Offers studies of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Earth Sciences, Economics, Educational Science and Psychology, Protestant and Catholic Theology, History of Religions, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Medicine - Charité - University Medicine Berlin and Center for Humanities and Health Sciences, Philosophy and Humanities.

  25. Friedrich - Schiller - University Jena
    The largest university with the only university medical center in Thuringia has connections around the world. The University is organised into ten Faculties Faculty of Theology, Institute of Law, Faculty for Economics and Business Administration, Department of Philosophy, Faculty for Social and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty for Physics and Astronomy, Faculty for Chemical and Earth Sciences ,Faculty for Biology and Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine.

  26. GISMA Business School
    GISMA offers the original Krannert MBA programs, it will become an independent school over time. GISMA will hire its own faculty and will build up its own reputation over the years.The international approach, the renowned faculty and the practical orientation have attracted a large number of individuals and companies to GISMA Business School throughout the last years.More than 300 postgraduates from more 40 countries have graduated from GISMA Business School since 1999. A large number of German and international companies have sent junior and senior executives for further management education.

  27. Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
    Offer the following courses medicine, biotechnology, physical chemistry, biological data processing, international communication, service management.

  28. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Offers studies through the following FACULTIES Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences I, Faculty of Medicine,Faculty of Arts I, Faculty of Arts II, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Economics.

  29. Institut fr Aufbereitung, Kokerei und Brikettierung
    Offers studies to students through the following Institutes and deartments Institute and chair of processing and Recycling of solid waste material, Coking, Briquetting, and Thermal Waste Treatment Group, Department of Mineral Processing.

  30. Institute for Neuroinformatics
    The scientific goal of Neurocomputing is to add to the understanding of the function of the nervous system and the brain. In this context, Neurocomputing fills a theoretical and methodological gap in the established sciences. Its central methodology is the construction of functional models for developmental and functional processes in the brain.

  31. Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet
    The HRZ is the data processing authority and service center for the University of Frankfurt.It operates the net for speaking and data communication, the central data processing services, the public computer systems and the electronic central catalog of the scientific libraries of Hessen as well as further bibliothekarische services.

  32. Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessens
    Offer in the eleven specialist areas and sieved scientific centers is comprehensive and versatile. Thus the JLU with the medicine and the veterinary medicine, the agrarian sciences as well as the household and nourishing sciences has a singular fan constellation.

  33. Leipzig Graduate School of Management
    HHL´s Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a management program taught entirely in English and especially designed for talented and ambitious individuals seeking managerial positions with multinational corporations operating in Germany or Europe.

  34. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen
    Offers Faculty for marketing and management, Economical faculty, Medical faculty, Veterinary faculty, Faculty for historical and art sciences, Faculty for philosophy, science theory and religion science, Faculty for sychology and Paedagogik, Faculty for culture sciences, Faculty for speaking and literature sciences Sociological faculty,Faculty for mathematics, computer science and statistics aculty for physics Faculty for chemistry and pharmacy, Faculty for biology, Faculty for geosciences.

  35. Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
    The University of Halle is a traditional university at which nearly all subjects can be studied. The four main areas of study - social sciences and the arts, natural sciences, engineering sciences and medicine - are subdivided into seven faculties and 18 departments. Detailed information on specific study courses is available from the Students' Advisory Centre at any time.

  36. Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
    Offer Microscopic anatomy, Functional and applied anatomy, Cell biology, Neuro anatomy Vegetative physiology, Molecular and cell physiology, Neuro physiology, Physiological chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Clinical biochemistry, Cellular chemistry, Pathology, Neuropathlogy, Cell and molecular pathology, Right medicine, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Clinical pharmacology.

  37. Medizinische Universitaet zu Luebeck
    Offer courses for fundamental subjects such as mathematics and theoretical informatics and trendsetting new disciplines such as telematics as well as multimedia and interactive systems. In addition to the course in informatics from which students graduate with a master's degree and which has an excellent reputation throughout Germany there are a number of additional subjects to choose from such as medical informatics, bioinformatics/biomathematics, electrical engineering, media informatics and robotics and automation.

  38. Muthesius-Hochschule Kiel
    Graduation in philosophy with art-more theoretical and Habilitation in theatre science with medium-theoretical adjustment, taught at the academy of arts and Intermedialitaet, medium philosophy, medium dramaturgy, art and culture theory, history and aesthetics of the theatre and dance theatre, acoustic art, philosophy also

  39. Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg
    University Diploma in Biology, University Diploma in Engineering, University Diploma in Business Education, University Diploma in Management, University Diploma in Business Mathematics, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, University Diploma in Computational Mathematics, Bakkalaureus University Diploma in Engineering, Bakkalaureus University Diploma in Computer Science.

  40. Philipps-Universitat Marburg
    Offers Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Faculty of Social Science and Philosophy , Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of History and Cultural Studies, Faculty of German Studies and History of the Arts, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science , Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Geography , Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education.

  41. Rheinisch Westfaelische Hochschule Aachen
    Offers Computer science (diploma), Computer science (secondary school II), Master OF Science in software of system engineering, Master OF Science in Media Informatics

  42. RUB Mathematik II
    Offers the following courses Diploma mathematics, gradated course of studies Bachelor/Master OF kind (model test teaching profession at High Schools and hauptschule, starting from WG 2002/03), gradated Bachelor/Master course of studies in mathematics, Instruction card (acknowledgment of test achievements in the courses of studies mathematics diploma and in the Bachelor /Master courses of studies) as well as temporary provisions for studying the courses of studies diploma mathematics and teaching profession mathematics).

  43. Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    The first university to be founded in post-war Federal Republic of Germany. Excellence in research and teaching, the RUB has been primarily responsible for changing the character of this once heavy industrial region.

  44. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
    Provide education through The Faculty of Theology, The Faculty of Law, The Medical Faculty of Heidelberg, The Medical Faculty of Mannheim, The Faculty of Philosophy, The Faculty of Modern Languages, The Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, The Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies and The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

  45. Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT)
    The Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) is playing a leading role in the training and continuing education of current and future managers for both German and international companies.

  46. Tandem Server Bochum
    Language learning in tandem partnerships, especially through new electronic communication media, is also gaining more recognition with young learners. An increasing number of foreign language teachers are making use of this opportunity to introduce their students to authentic communication in the target language and to thereby simultaneously help them expand their skills in self-directed learning and intercultural cooperation through partnerships.

  47. Technical University of Clausthal
    Technical University of Clausthal is particularly coined/shaped by the technical application fields developed from the historical development in teachings and research, with the references "raw material and material sciences" can which be characterized.

  48. Technische Universitaet Ilmenau
    Offer research courses such as Research & economics, Research international, Networks, Research and transfer data base, Research promotion.

  49. Technische Universitat Braunschweig
    Mathematics and computer science, Physics and geosciences, Chemistry and pharmacy, Life sciences and psychology, Architecture, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electro-technology and information technology, Spirit and educating sciences.

  50. Technische Universitat Hamburg
    Offer Master's programs for students such as Materials Science, Mechatronics, Information and Communication Systems, Process Engineering etc., and Bachelor's program such as General Engineering Science.

  51. Technische Universität Berlin
    In contrast to most technical universities in Germany, the TU Berlin not only offers courses in engineering and natural sciences, but also humanities, social sciences and economics. It has one of the largest numbers of foreign students at a German university.

  52. Technische Universität Braunschweig
    Offer studies through Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Physics and Geoscience, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Department of Biosciences and Psychology, Department of Architecture, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Humanities and Educational Sciences, Department of Business Administration and Social Sciences.

  53. Technische Universität Chemnitz
    The Chemnitz Universitiy of Technology offers outstanding education to its students, providing them with miscellaneous and attractive career perspectives.Every year, more than 750 foreign students from over 70 countries are enrolled at the university.

  54. Technische Universität Dresden
    The technical University of Dresden is a full university with a broad training spectrum. Interdisciplinary learning and researching makes possible. In addition, it requires a good organization and structuring, both on the part of the university - and on the part of the studying.

  55. Technische Universität München
    The TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT MÜNCHEN holds a leading place in many respects. We are ranked foremost among German universities in terms of both total research grant turnover (approximately euro 130 million in 1999) and the number of our guest researchers from all over the world, working at our university with the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

  56. TU Clausthal
    Offers Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science in Economics, Economathematics Environmental Engineering, Geology, Geophysics, Geotechnical, Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Glass - Ceramics - Building Materials, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Physics/Physical Technologies, Polymer Engineering etc.,

  57. TÜV-Academy Berlin-Brandenburg
    TUV education and Consulting is part of the TUEV Rhine country Group, one of the enterprises for independent and competent certifying of products, systems and persons, leading world-wide.TÜV Training and Consulting aids companies and governmental agencies in opening up new areas of commerce.

  58. Uni Passau
    Offers education through Catholic-theological faculty, Legal faculty, Economiceconomics faculty, Philosophical faculty, Faculty for mathematics and computer science.

  59. Universitaet Bamberg
    Offer the following groups History, geography, history of art, care of monuments, people-customer/European Ethnologie as well as the excavation disciplines Ur and earlyhistorical archaeology and archaeology of the Middle Ages and the modern times.

  60. Universitaet des Saarlandes
    Offer The more traditional subjects such as business administration and economics, law and medicine are just as much a part of Saarland University as the new degree programmes that have developed from modern nterdisciplinary collaborations and which reflect the increasing demand for such qualifications in today's job market.

  61. Universitaet Goettingen
    Offers courses through Faculty of Biology (including Psychology),Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Forestry and Forest Ecology, Faculty for Geosciences and Geography, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics.

  62. Universitaet Hamburg
    Offers Theology, Economic science, Medicine, Social sciences, Philosophy and science of history, Educating science, literature and medium science spoke, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geosciences, Psychology, Computer science, Sport science.

  63. Universitaet Lueneburg
    Specialised in the area of automatic control engineering, civil engineerings, social welfare matters, economics, commercial law, restaurant economics, educating sciences, economics and social sciences, culture sciences, environmental sciences.

  64. Universitaet Muenster
    The University of Muenster offers a variety of binational study programs, where a so called "Double Diploma" can be achieved. As well, several faculties are offering Bachelor and Master degrees, with more to come.

  65. Universitaet Wuerzburg
    Educate students through the following faculties- Faculty of Catholic Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts I (Classics, Arts and Humanities), Faculty of Arts II (Modern Languages, History, History of Art), Faculty of Arts III (Philosophy, Education and Social Sciences), Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Economics and Business administration.

  66. Universitat Bonn
    The actual centers of research and teachings form the seven faculties of the University of Bonn.Catholic-theological faculty, Evangelist-theological faculty, On the right of and state-scientific faculty, Medical faculty, Philosophical faculty, Mathematical-scientific faculty, Agricultural faculty.

  67. Universitat Erlangen
    The hallmark of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg today, 260 years after its foundation is our commitment to both tradition and innovation. Here career-focussed orientation is based on close co-operation with influential partners in industry, finance and politics providing a network of steadfast support through international exchange and individual contributions. A further priority in this respect is our commitment to maintaining ties with our alumni.

  68. Universitat Kaiserlautern
    Specialized in Architecture, space and environmental planning, civil engineering, Biology, Chemistry Electro-technology and information technology, Computer science, Mechanical engineering and process engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Social sciences, Economic science.

  69. Universitat Konstanz
    Study at the university Konstanz is called live and learn in a visible Campus university. Approximately 10,000 studying from more than 80 countries are here written. Over 130 university connections with European partner universities and many exchange programs world-wide ensure for a network approximately around the globe.

  70. Universitat Regensburg
    The Department of Business, Economics and Management Information Systems was formed in 1967, three years after the university was founded. Today it is one of the biggest departments here at the University of Regensburg with over 2,300 students of a total of 16,000 students.

  71. University of Applied Sciences
    The studying of the HTW are merged in the research and development projects. This happens frequently in connection with the mandatory practice term in an enterprise. Approximately 80% of all theses (diploma) are written into and/or for an enterprise. The projects of the application orientated research and development (F & E) are worked on in close co-operation with partners from industry and handicraft.

  72. University of Bayreuth
    Partnership co-operation with universities and research establishments abroad is of central importance for a successful development oriented at international performance standards of research and teachings. The University of Bayreuth attached a close net of international science contacts therefore since its establishment in the year 1975, which develops it continuously.With approximately 50 universities in Europe, Africa, east and Southeast Asia, New Zealand and north -, central and South America locked the University of Bayreuth partnership contracts

  73. University of Bielefeld
    Offer studies through faculty for biology, faculty for chemistry, faculty for science of history, philosophy and theology, faculty for health sciences, faculty for linguistics and literature science, Abteilung art and music, Faculty for mathematics, faculty for Paedagogik, faculty for physics, faculty for psychology and sport science ,faculty for jurisprudence, faculty for sociology, technical faculty, faculty for economic science.

  74. University of Bremen
    The University of Bremen is national and internationally recognized authority center of the neuro cognitive sciences. A main point of work are of Bremen the complicated cognitive processes of the perception and attention. The basic research running in addition is for the medicine an extremely important forschungsgebiet, which can give impulses in the future also to direct applications.

  75. University of Cologne
    The University of Cologne occupies a leading position in many areas of research. Thus, for example, the Genetic Institute is part of the Cologne Centre of Genetic Research - one of four in the Federal Republic. The Genetic Institute alone houses two specialist research sectors ("molecular analysis of the development of cellular systems" and "the modular structure of genetic material").

  76. University of Essen
    Offers building sciences, engineering sciences, biology and Geografie, chemistry, physics, mathematics, marketing and management, economic science, art and Design, education sciences and society sciences.

  77. University of Kiel
    Offer courses through Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Science, Faculty of Engineering (english version).

  78. University of Mainz
    One of the oldest and one of the largest universities in Germany and located in a city of both tradition and progress, Mainz University attracts students from all over the country and from all over the world. We hold numerous national conferences and regularly host international symposia on a wide spectrum of academic fields.

  79. University of Mannheim
    The reputation on which the University of Mannheim thrives has been built on its strong Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences programs. All the other faculties within the University - Law, the Humanities, Computer Science - are woven into these disciplines in a unique way which has broken new ground in Germany.

  80. University of Maryland European Division
    Offers Communications, Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biological and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary or Emerging Issues.

  81. University of Rostock
    Offers Agri. and Environ. Sciences. Engineering, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Economic and Social Sciences.

  82. University of Tübingen
    Offers Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Law, Economics, Medicine, Philosophy and History, Social and Behavioral Science, Modern Languages, Cultural Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Biology, Geosciences, Information and Cognitive Sciences.

  83. University of Ulm
    Offers Biology, Chemistry, Economis Chemistry, Physics, Economics Physics, Advanced materials, Mathematics, Economathematics, Economics, Finance, Medicine, Moleculare Medicine, Dentistry, Electrical Engineering, Information technology, Telecommunikations- und media technology, Communications Technology, Computer Science, Media Computer Sience, Teaching professions, Philosophy.

  84. University of West Saxony at Zwickau (Westsächsische Hochschule Zwikau)
    Offers Automotive technology, Traffic system technology, Mechanical engineering, Industrial management & engineering, Supplying and environmental technology, Electro-technology, Motorcar electronics, Information technology, Physical technology, Micro technology, Micro technology, Computer science etc.,

  85. Universität Augsburg
    Offers Catholic Theology, Law, Economics, Mathematics and Natural Science, Philosophy and Social Sciences, History and Philology.

  86. Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg
    Offer education through the following departments Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Educational Science, Economics and Organisational Sciences.

  87. Universität der Bundeswehr Muenchen
    University, sketches the fundamentals of the university political objective and gives together with the university advice initiatives for the development of the university. The rahmenbestimmungen for structure and organization of the university of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich (RahBest) regulate the details as well as the constitutional structure (GO) of the university of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich.

  88. Universität Dortmund
    Courses are offered in the areas of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Automation and Robotics, Solid State Physics and Business & Economics and are designed for students who are in the third or fourth year of a bachelor program.

  89. Universität Duisburg
    The University of Duisburg meal is the recent university at Rhine and Ruhr. It stands not on the green meadow, but takes in its region central of places. It gives impulses for the economic development and sets accents in living together humans. Structural change is culture change.

  90. Universität Erfurt
    The University of Erfurt is divided into four faculties, the max weber Kolleg for culture and sociological studies as faculty-similar central mechanism for research and teachings and the further central scientific mechanisms and service facilities.

  91. Universität Greifswald
    Offers Biology, medicine, pharmacy, psychology and dental medicine etc.,

  92. Universität Hannover
    Offers Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Arts, Civil Engineering and Geodetic Science, Economics and Management, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Law, Mathematics and Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Natural Science.

  93. Universität Hildesheim
    Offers Philosophy - arts - media, Mathematics, natural sciences and economics, Creative letter and culture journalism, Culture sciences and aesthetic practice, International information management, International communication and translating, International specialized communication etc.,

  94. Universität Hohenheim
    Offers Agrarian biology, Agrarian sciences (Bachelor), Agrarian sciences (masters), AgriBusiness (master), Agricultural Economics (master), EnviroFood (master), Tropical master, Organic Food chain management (master).

  95. Universität in Koblenz
    The University of Koblenz-Landau is one of the youngest universities in Germany. The university's academic profile today is marked by a combination of Computer Science and Psychology together with the traditional Departments of Education, the Humanities, and Natural Science.

  96. Universität Karlsruhe
    In a manner nearly unparalleled at any other German university, at Universität Karlsruhe research and teaching undergo a constant dynamic and future-oriented process of development. This is due to many different reasons - the most important one of them is our students' expectations that they will receive a well-founded scientific education!

  97. Universität Leipzig
    Offer education through Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of History, Art and Oriental Studies, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Faculty of Economics and Management (incl. Civil Engineering), Faculty of Sports Science, Faculty of Medicine University Hospital, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology, Faculty of Physics and Earth Science, Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

  98. Universität Osnabrueck
    The University computing centre is divided into the following departments:Scientific data processing (WDV), Audio visual Multi Media center (AVMZ), Administration data processing (VDV). The computing centre offers courses at the beginning and at the end of term holidays for different EDP-specific topics.

  99. Universität Potsdam
    It is the largest university of the country Brandenburg and at the same time also one the youngest and the most beautifully convenient academic mechanisms of Germany.Offers education through Law School Faculty/Department of Mathematics and Sciences, Faculty/Department of Arts, Faculty/Department of Human Sciences, Faculty/Department of Economics and Social Science.

  100. Universität Stuttgart
    Offers the following courses such as Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil- and Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Geo- and Biosciences, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology [de], Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy, Mechanical Engineering [de], Mathematics & Physics [de] and Humanities, Management, Economics and Social Sciences [de].

  101. Universität Trier
    Psychobiologie, Philosophy, Psychology, History, History of art, Political science, Management economics, Mathematics, Computer science, Economical informatics, Geography, Geosciences, Foreign law studies (FFA), Medium science.

  102. Universität-GH Paderborn
    Offers education through Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Business Computing, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

  103. Universität-GH Siegen
    The University Computer Center (HRZ) provides IT systems and support for the University of Siegen for research, teaching, study and administration, as well as running the University's internal communications network, SIENET.

  104. WHU Otto-Beisheim-Hochschule
    In addition to the program of initial professional education, WHU is active in in-service management development. Together with Kellogg School of Management, offer an Executive MBA Program for managers.

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Languages in Europe

As a student in Europe, it would be fun to travel the continent during your spare time. However, the different languages in Europe is one of the key challenges that a student who knows only English will face. In many aspects the language divide gives each country its own cultural identity.

Handy European Language Translator: For starters, here is a place where you can actually type words in English and ask the website to give the equivalent in an European language of your choice.

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry to know the essentials such as "hello", "good morning" or "thank you" in a language of your choice, click on the respective languages before you pack your bags.

Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish.

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