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Overview of higher education in Sweden

Students should apply to a university in order to receive tertiary education in Sweden. General academic degrees are offered by public universities and university colleges. The higher education system in Sweden also provides a number of professional and vocational degrees in fields such as engineering, law and medicine.

Since 2011, higher education is free of charge only for Swedish, EU/EEA, and Swiss citizens. All other international students are charged a fees that ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 SEK.

Higher education in Sweden is categorized into three levels: basic level (grundnivå), advanced level (avancerad nivå), and doctoral level (forskarnivå).

To be accepted to a higher education programme in Sweden, all applicants must demonstrate a minimum proficiency in Swedish and English by either taking 2 years of Swedish and English or passing Swedish B and English A. For international applicants, the TISUS, or Test in Swedish for University Studies, is an international exam that can be taken to demonstrate proficiency in Swedish. For international students whose native language is not English, a good TOEFL score is a must. However, plesae note that exchange students may have different language requirements.

National Admissions Portal
International students who are applying to Swedish Universities for degree programs have to apply through the national admissions portal.

Colleges, Universities, Law and Medical Schools in Sweden

Colleges, universities and graduate schools in Sweden that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D.
  1. Ackermann College
    The Ackermann Institute is a well-known alternative-medicine institute in Sweden, founded in 1968. provide healthcare with regard to the vertebral column and to further develop our research knowledge that rests securely on 40 years of clinical experience. The institute has wide-ranging competence that has been recognized worldwide.

  2. Chalmers University of Technology
    Chalmers is a university of technology with solid roots in the sciences. Our inspiration lies in the joy of discovery and the desire to learn. Its aim is to make an active contribution to sustainable development, both in Sweden and beyond.

  3. Göteborg University
    Göteborg University College was established in 1891 with the help of private donations.Today Göteborg University can offer the most comprehensive range of courses and degree programmes in Sweden.

  4. Högskolan i Borås
    UCB is as much a research establishment as it is an academic, teaching institution. In keeping with the expansion in student numbers, research activity at UCB has expanded tremendously during the last few years.

  5. IHM Business School
    IHM Business School was founded in 1968 and offers today advanced business programmes in Marketing, Leadership, Communication and Economics for enterprises and professionals that want to develop in the business community.

  6. Institute of International Education
    The Institute of International Education (IIE) is one of the few institutes in the Nordic countries specializing in international and comparative education. After more than thirty years in this field, IIE is now well recognized for its contribution to research and training.

  7. Karolinska Institutet
    Karolinska Institutet is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden´s largest centre for medical training and research, accounting for 30 per cent of the medical training and 40 per cent of the medical academic research that is conducted nationwide.

  8. Kungl Tekniska Högskolan - Royal Institute of Technology
    EDUCATION Studies at KTH are organised in study programmes. In addition to the regular MSc programmes in engineering and architecture there are a variety of BSc programmes as well as MSc programmes in English for international students.

  9. Linköping University
    The university has developed several unique educational programmes that transcend traditional academic borders. This approach was manifested in the creation of Sweden's first MSc programme in Industrial Management and Engineering.

  10. Luleå Tekniska Universitet
    It has taken us 30 years to develop the Luleå spirit. During that period of time the University has significantly transformed its status - from having been the northernmost (and smallest) institute of technology in Sweden, to becoming the first university of technology in Sweden.

  11. Lund University
    Lund University was founded in 1666. With eight faculties and a multitude of research centres and specialized institutes, it is today the largest unit for research and higher education in Sweden.

  12. Mid Sweden University
    Mid Sweden University was founded through the merging of two smaller universities in the region. Like all universities it provides higher education of a high standard undergraduate, and post-graduate studies and research.

  13. Mälardalen University
    MIMA is the centre for Master studies at Mälardalen University. It defines itself as a Research University in Sweden. It offers a variety of Swedish Master Degree programs taught in English.

  14. Royal University-College of Music
    THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC (KMH) offers Scandinavia's most comprehensive array of music study programmes. We pride ourselves on being a meeting point for art music old and new, jazz, folk music and other forms of music from many different parts of the world.

  15. SLU Umeå - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    SLU has extensive cooperation with universities in the Nordic countries, in the rest of Europe and in other parts of the world. At the undergraduate level, SLU participates in ERASMUS and NORDPLUS, the exchange programmes within the European Union and the Nordic countries. The university also has bilateral exchange agreements with many universities throughout the world.

  16. Stockholm School of Economics
    SSE is a private university with very little dependence on government support (about 10 percent of total revenue per annum) that trains young and mid-career women and men for leading positions in both the private and public sectors.

  17. Stockholm University
    Stockholm University is a centre for higher education and research, organised into four faculties: natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and law.

  18. Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
    SLU develops the understanding and sustainable use of biological natural resources.This is achieved through research, teaching, environmental monitoring and assessment and information extension.

  19. Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI)
    The Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) is a collective resource for research, development, and information within the areas of agriculture, environmental conservation, energy production, and waste management.

  20. University of Karlskrona/Ronneby (Blekinge Institute of Technology)
    It is the most distinctly profiled university in Sweden, with a clear focus on Applied IT and Sustainable Development of Industry and Society.At Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) education and research are of a very high international standard and learning is the focal point for student, teacher and researcher alike.

  21. University of Skövde
    The University of Skövde, established 1977, is one of the newer and younger universities in Sweden - and youth is often coupled with excitement for the new and different, curiosity, energy and a genuine interest in further developing our educational environment.

  22. University of Trollhattan/Uddevalla
    HTU, a university located on the west coast of south-central Sweden. HTU offers a wide range of courses and study programmes within science and technology, nursing and health sciences, social and behavioural sciences, information technology and computer science, language studies and teacher training.

  23. University of Umeå
    Beside the numerous departments and centres, the University also has seven colleges. The Umeå School of Business and Economics is based on a unique co-operation between the Departments of Business Administration, Economics, Legal Science and Statistics.

  24. Uppsala University
    It is a International research frontiers and tradition-drenched student activities, Modern campuses and living cultural settings Breadth, diversity, and dynamism with a venerable tradition of knowledge Undergraduate programs in research environments.

  25. Växjö University
    Växjö University - the second largest university in southern Sweden with more than 15,000 students - is well known for its strong international profile.

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Languages in Europe

As a student in Europe, it would be fun to travel the continent during your spare time. However, the different languages in Europe is one of the key challenges that a student who knows only English will face. In many aspects the language divide gives each country its own cultural identity.

Handy European Language Translator: For starters, here is a place where you can actually type words in English and ask the website to give the equivalent in an European language of your choice.

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry to know the essentials such as "hello", "good morning" or "thank you" in a language of your choice, click on the respective languages before you pack your bags.

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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) A test that has to be mandatorily taken for students who hail from countries where English is not the native language and wish to pursue higher studies in the US.
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