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Colleges, universities and graduate schools in Denmark that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D.
  1. Aalborg University
    AAU conducts teaching and research to the highest level in the fields of Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. In 1995 the Engineering College of Esbjerg became part of Aalborg University. Aalborg University consists of three faculties, each having a number of departments: The Faculty of Humanities, The Faculty of Social Sciences, The Faculty of Engineering and Science.

  2. Aarhus School of Architecture
    Provides the following departments of studies Department of Architecture and Aesthetics, Department of Landscape and Urbanism, Department of Architectural Heritage, Department of Design, Department of Architectural Design. Apart from the study units and departments there are a number of special and service departments which offer both optional courses to the students of the school - and "special instruction courses" to the basic courses. No student can enrol in the special departments.

  3. Aarhus School of Business
    Generate new knowledge subjected to quality reviews and thereby create value for our socio-economic and professional environments,Offer quality programmes so that our graduates become attractive employees on the international labour market,Disseminate knowledge to our socio-economic and professional environments.Have the following departments of study Department of Accounting, Finance and Logistics, Department of Language and Business Communication, Department of Economics, Department of Law, Department of Management and International Business, Department of Marketing, Informatics and Statistics.

  4. Aarhus tekniske Skole
    ATC finds its major field of activity in implementing the national programmes of initial vocational education and training, higher vocational diploma programmes, upper secondary technical education and continuing vocational training. The study programmes range from short-term courses for unskilled workers, over specialised courses for postgraduate engineers to long-term education of craftsmen.

  5. Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense University.
    Offers Physical Oceanography I and II, Chemical Oceanography (6 ECTS), Biological Oceanography (12 ECTS), Marine Geology (4 ECTS), Experimental Design and Data Reporting in Biological Oceanography (4 ECTS), Biological Oceanography II (6 ECTS), Pelagic Processes in Coastal Waters (4.5 ECTS), Biophysical Dynamics of Fjords (4.5 ECTS), Cost-Benefit Analysis and Natural Resource Policy (4.5 ECTS).

  6. Chemistry and Applied Engineering Science, Aalborg University.
    The education at Aalborg university Esbjerg is research based. The instructors are constantly working on their own research, ensuring that the students receive the latest information in their field. The teaching method at Aalborg University Esbjerg involves not only problem-oriented project work, but also lectures, seminars, and laboratory work.

  7. Civil Engineering Department, Aalborg University.
    At present the Department of Civil Engineering has 36 employees in technical- administrative as well as scientific positions - including 6 Ph.D. students. The members of the staff are allocated to 4 different departmental groups:Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Dynamics and Mechanics, Physical Geography.

  8. Copenhagen Business School
    Copenhagen Business School has around 14,000 students and an annual intake of around 1,000 exchange students. With this number of students as well as around 400 full-time researchers and around 500 administrative employees, CBS is the one of the 3 largest business school in Northern Europe. Research and study programmes at CBS are organised in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Language, Communication and Cultural Studies. Strategically, CBS primarily focuses on three target areas: Internationalisation, Partnership with the business community, The Learning University.

  9. Dalum Technical College
    At Dalum Higher Technical College, the performance of the students is very much based on the individual commitment, practical exercises, information research and project work. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology are all major subjects.

  10. Department of Acoustics, Aalborg University
    The M. Sc. programme in Acoustics is taught primarily by the staff of the Department of Acoustics. The department is part of the Institute of Electronic Systems. The institute has a scientific staff of 250 and the main research areas are telecommunications, control engineering, speech technology, medical informatics, digital signal processing, image analysis, sensory motor interaction, robotics, distributed systems, personal communication, mathematics, computer science, and acoustics. The Department of Acoustics holds a staff of 13-14 scientific members. Research activities focus on three main areas: Recording and reproduction technique, human sound perception, and computer simulated auditory environments.

  11. Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University.
    The Division of Geomatics with the research groups Land Management, Cadastral Development, GeoInformatics and GeoInformation & Media Technology. The Division carries on research within registration of real property, legal matters and development, implementation of public policies concerning land use and localized natural resources, digital mapping, surveying, photogrammetry, GIS, GPS and geospatial information and media technology.

  12. Det Nødvendige Seminarium - The Necessary Teacher Training College
    DNS is an international teacher training college with a learning-by-doing approach. The programme is untraditional and challenging: Study trip to Asia, extensive teaching practice in Africa, social work with youngsters in Denmark. The study part of the education covers many areas, from Social Science, Psychology, Mathematics, English, Danish, Art, Geography, Pedagogy, Didactics, History - and to some extent, these choices will be up to you to decide between, allowing you to fill holes in your current knowledge, or to improve in areas you already have studied in.

  13. DTU - Technical University of Denmark
    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a modern technological university which operates at a high international level in a wide array of activities in fields such as biotechnology, communications technology, nanotechnology and development of technologies for sustainable energy. The University's research and teaching is provided by 15 departments, a number of major independent centres established as joint ventures between DTU and companies and research institutes in the region.

  14. Engineering College of Arhus
    Offers Information and Communication Technology, Electronics, Architectural Engineering, Civil and Constructional Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Technical Information Technology, Technical Geology, Process Technology, Mechanics, Design and Optimisation, Automation, Process and Energy Systems, Signal Processing and Mathematical Modelling, Electronics and Photonics, Computer Technology and Embedded System, Business and Culture.

  15. Engineering College of Copenhagen
    Copenhagen University College of Engineering is the largest of its kind in Denmark. Copenhagen University College of Engineering offers:Bachelor degrees in Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Production engineering, Electronics and Computer engineering, Electrical Power and IT engineering and finally Export engineering. The course is fixed at 3½ years, including a six month-traineeship in a Danish or foreign company. The programme in export engineering takes 4½ years, also including a six month-traineeship in a Danish or foreign company.The college offers bachelor-level post-gratuate courses through the Department of Continuing Education. Finally, the College has an admission course for those who wish to attend engineering studies. The course is an introduction to engineering aimed at those with practical experience.

  16. Haderslev Statsseminarium
    Offers Danish, English, French, History, Religious education, Social studies, German, Biology, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Natural science, Creative arts, Domestic science, Needlecraft, Sports, Music.

  17. Hans Christian Andersen Center at Odense University
    As a unit at the University of Southern Denmark, this center specializes in research and information on matters related to Hans Christian Andersen.

  18. Hillerød Business College

  19. Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland
    Offers general and applied linguistics, socio-linguistics, literature theory and analysis, mass media. Main geographical focus: Greenland ,economy, public administration, law, statistics, organization, sociology, political science. Main geographical focus: Greenland and the North Atlantic.

  20. Indoor Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University.
    At Aalborg University, the new Master of Science programme on Indoor Environmental Engineering is open for foreign students from February 1999. The programme covers the subjects: indoor environment, ventilation and air distribution principles, energy-efficient design of buildings and systems, and life cycle assessment.

  21. Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Aalborg University.
    The Institute provides teaching and tutoring covering the full range of Mechanics for engineering students enrolled under several curricula offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University. As for all study programs at Aalborg University, the education is based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) concepts. Throughout the engineering curricula, the students work with both "design-oriented" and "problem-oriented" project assignments. The Institute provides teaching and tutoring corresponding to all academic levels of Aalborg University, and include the Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering Science.

  22. International Business Economics
    The IBE-group is a part of Department of Business Studies and the general aim of the activities of the IBE-group is to promote research, education and training in the field of International Business Economics.The research areas of the group are concentrated on four main areas:Globalisation of the economy and the internationalisation of companies and lines of business, International Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management Cultural Analysis, Inter-cultural Management and International Organisational Development, International Entrepreneurship. The group has research projects as well as Ph.D. projects and cooperation with coleagues in Lithuania, Russia, Vietnam, Ghana, Brazil, England and the USA.

  23. Lyngby Business College
    Lyngby Business Academy offers full-time or part-time higher professional education programmes.Full-time Higher Education Programmes. A higher professional education programme at the Business Academy aims at qualifying the student to: independently carry out jobs in commercial, production and service companies. continue his/her studies at a BA (1-1½ years) or (Danish) diploma level.Lyngby Uddannelsescenter teaches the following 4 full-time higher professional education programmes: Marketing Economist (with focus on Marketing), Service Economist (with focus on Service Management, Tourism or Hotel and Restaurant Management),Multimedia Designer (with focus on Communication and IT),Datamatician (with focus on IT)

  24. Lyngby' Uddannelsescenter
    The business college of Lyngby Uddannelsescenter offers business and IT education of basic and upper secondary level.The business academy of Lyngby Uddannelsescenter offers higher professional education programmes within IT and business at bachelor and diploma levels.The bachelor and diploma programmes are taught in cooperation with CBS (Copenhagen Business School), which provides an efficient research background.The Business Academy offers several of its programmes in English. Both Danish and foreign students attend the English speaking classes.

  25. Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology
    The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology is part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark, situated at the main campus in Odense.The Institute differs from a traditional university department by combining cross-disciplinary research with mono-cultural research.The main aim of the Institute is to perform research in the development and usage of information technology in manufacturing industry. The centre of gravity of the research lies in the study of large integrated software systems for industrial production.

  26. National Danish School of Social Work in Aarhus
    Offers Psychology, Science, Research and Information Technology, Sociology/The Danish Society, Immigrants/refugees, Statistics, Political Studies, Danish Economy/Labour Market, Social Policy, Housing/Housing Policy, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Legislation, Public Administration, Local Administration and Politcs Education, Social Security, Social Work, Child Care, The Elderly/Social Pensions, The Disabled, Denmark, Environment/Ecology, Management, Vocational Training, Health, Psychiatry, Alcohol/Drugs, Urban and Spatial ,Planning, Danish History, Journals.

  27. National Film School of Denmark
    There are four study programmes available: film, TV, scriptwriting and animation directing. The number of students is 96: 60 film students, 6 scriptwriters, 18 TV students and 12 animation directors. All lines of study are 4-year programmes, except the scriptwriting course that lasts 3 years.The school also arranges courses for film and TV professionals from abroad and seminars with the participation of other Nordic countries.The students' final project is a film produced on a professional level and presented to the public on national TV. No diploma or former education is in itself a guarantee of admission.

  28. National Institute for Social Educators
    The training course at Peter Sabroe Semi­nariet aims at fulfilling the objective of the training of social educators in Denmark which is based on social responsibility engaged by our socii-educational tradition.The National Institute for Social Educators - Peter Sabroe Seminariet is an independent institution for Higher Education in Århus training social educators on a 3.5 years training programme. The training programme has 7 semesters - subjects - Education Studies, Psychology, Social Studied, Health Studies, Activity, Art and Culture, Communication, Organisation and Management.

  29. Odense StudenterFilmklub

  30. Roskilde University
    Roskilde University is a state university founded in 1972 with the objective of providing research and education at the highest level in the fields of natural science, social science and the humanities. These activities at Roskilde University are organised in ten departments; degrees are offered in a wide range of subjects at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. levels.Many study programmes are now being offered in English at both undergraduate and graduate levels, thus creating an exciting and inspiring study environment for both Danish students and students coming from abroad.

  31. Royal School of Librarianship
    The Royal School of Library and Information Science offers courses leading to the qualifications of Bachelor or Master of Library and Information Science, Librarian, Library Assistant, and Doctor of Philosophy. Read about the educational programmes .It is responsible to the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs for education, research and development in the field of library and information science (LIS).

  32. Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, The
    KVL is the only Danish university specialising in the agricultural and veterinarian area and the only place where veterinarians, agronomists, horticulturists and MSc's in forestry and agricultural economists are educated. KVL is also one the few universities in Denmark where MSc's in food science and technology are educated.Research, both basic and applied, is carried out at KVL within natural science, veterinary medicine, domestic animals, environment, agriculture, plant culture, landscape architecture, organic farming, forestry, food and human nutrition.KVL cooperates with a number of Danish institutions, like e.g. government research institutions under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet.

  33. School of Business and Economics, Southern Denmark University.
    Offers a range of interesting degree programmes for both full-time students and part-time students. The full-time subjects include economics, law, journalism and political science. Especially for our foreign students, there are many degree programmes taught in English within the international programmes. The Ph.D. programmes of the Faculty cover all the major research areas. The subject areas are based on wide-ranging research-activities. This research-activity is organized in several departments and centres, which are specialised in different research areas.

  34. Tietgen Business College
    Tietgen Business College wants to maintain its position as a state-of-the-art center of educational qualifications and competence in Denmark. We want our students and course participants to acquire and develop skills that provide them with qualifications needed to perform the various tasks of today's jobs as well as those of tomorrow. Tietgen Business College wants to strengthen the international aspect and therefore offers several education programs in English. The most recent features of information and communication technology are being integrated. Offers Diploma Courses in Agricultural Management, in Agricultural Economics, in Crop Production and Animal Husbandry, in Horticultural Production and Management, and in Environmental Planning Management are the major activities for Danish students. The diploma courses are further educational programmes of two years duration.

  35. University of Aarhus
    The university's work - research and teaching - takes place at the departments which are organised into five faculties: The Faculty of Arts, The Faculty of Health Sciences, The Faculty of Social Sciences, The Faculty of Theology and The Faculty of Science. Offers the following faculties for the students Humanities, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Theology, Science, and Central administration.

  36. University of Copenhagen
    Offers Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science. The diversity of academic environments and scientific approaches is the University of Copenhagen's distinguishing feature and strength. Within the shared framework, the University is divided into six academic fields referred to as faculties. The faculties are further divided into institutes and departments acting as the primary workplace for the University's researchers.

  37. University of Southern Denmark (Syddansk Universitet)
    The University offers a wide range of traditional disciplines as well as a broad selection of business and engineering studies. In recent years the number of options available has been considerably expanded. Examples include the introduction of a very successful Journalism programme in Odense, Information Science in Kolding, and a Mechatronics Engineering programme in Sønderborg. The University is particularly strong in areas such as communication, information technology, and biotechnology. Outstanding research in other areas has also been acknowledged through the establishment of a number of national research centres at the University of Southern Denmark.

  38. Vejlby Agricultural College
    Provide students with information on the Advanced Diploma in Agriculture Program. ADAP is a 2-year higher education program offered by Denmark's leading agricultural college. Teaching is conducted in the English language. The education is free for Danish and EU students. Vejlby Agricultural College offers a 2-year International Diploma Course in Agriculture. Teaching language is English, and participants are Danish as well as international students.

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