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Colleges, universities and graduate schools in The Netherlands that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D.

  1. Amsterdam Faculty of Education
    Offers various courses through the faculties of the Amsterdam university among which Faculty of Law favours an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with other law schools in the Netherlands and incorporating such fields as economics, psychology, sociology and even health care with the study of law.

  2. Amsterdam School of International Relations
    Provides the essential aspects of International and European relations, addressed from the disciplines of political science, international economics, history, law and business.

  3. Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University (AMSU)
    The AMSU stimulates those who thought they knew their subjects to think again and afresh. It brings people into contact with fellow young professionals working in very different contexts and circumstances but all facing common challenges. AMSU offers Europe a recipe for imagination and development

  4. Arnhem Business School
    At Arnhem Business School, a faculty of the HAN University (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) , are great supporters of internationalisation and the opportunities it offers.

  5. Breda University of Professional Education
    because it is the 3rd best Higher Education institution in the Netherlands! At NHTV Breda, you can get a Bachelor's degree in four years. In one additional year you can obtain a Master of Arts degree. All degrees are internationally recognised.

  6. Christelijke Hogeschool Noord-Nederland
    Under the heading 'Global Campus', the CHN is making good progress in developing into a university with an international character. In the north of the Netherlands, the CHN maintains strategic partnerships with the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, the Van Hall Institute for Higher Agricultural Education

  7. Delft University of Technology
    Offers Aerospace Engineering (contact), Applied Sciences (contact), Architecture (contact), Civil Engineering and Geosciences (contact), Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science(contact), Industrial Design Engineering (contact), Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (contact), Technology, Policy and Management (contact)

  8. Eindhoven University of Technology
    TU/e is built on three pillars: research, design and entrepreneurship.The TU/e is a university at which the teaching programs have strong links to research. Among the ways in which this can be seen are the large numbers of doctoral graduates from the TU/e each year and the publications in leading media.

  9. Erasmus University Rotterdam
    According to the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche the Economics programme at Erasmus University is one of the top five in Europe. Shared first place goes to the London Business School, the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen.

  10. Hanzehogeschool
    Offer different kind of bachelor and master degree courses in chemistry,physics, Economics, Management,Business, Architecture, Accountancy, Bioinformatics, Communication systems

  11. Het Gelders College
    One of the famous college in Netherland offers various undergraduate and Post graduate courses such as in Economics, Arts, Sports sciencs etc.,

  12. Hogeschool Enschede
    The Saxion Universities are located in the East of the Netherlands on two campuses, in the old Dutch cities of Deventer and Enschede. International students follow both Bachelor and Master programmes in 20 different pathways. International programmes are taught in English and comprise both business and more technical studies.

  13. Hogeschool Rotterdam
    Rotterdam University offers the most important courses in every sector (with the exception of agricultural studies). Most of these courses are taught in Dutch. The Rotterdam Business School and the Willem the Kooning Academy are the departments of Rotterdam University that offer courses in English.Bachelor Programme suh as Communication and Multimedia Design and Master Programme

  14. Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    Offers courses in creative media, Economics, Theology, sports and management, information on engineering, Human resourse manaagement

  15. Ichthus Hogeschool
    Rotterdam University (known in the Netherlands as Hogeschool Rotterdam) is among the top five such universities in the country, in terms of size. It is a multidisciplinary ‘hogeschool’, which is able to offer the most important courses in every sector (with the exception of agricultural studies).

  16. Institute of Social Studies
    The ISS is an international institute of higher education on social and economic change with a focus on development processes. The ISS is one of the five international education institutes of the Netherlands, each focusing on a different scientific field: the IHE, IHS, ITC and the MSM.

  17. International Institute for Asian Studies
    Offers courses in Phonology and Morphology of Korean, Syntax of Korean, Advanced course in Korean linguistics

  18. International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic, and Environmental Engineering
    UNESCO-IHE visions a world in which people manage their water and environmental resources in a sustainable manner, and in which all sectors of society, particularly the poor, can enjoy the benefits of basic services.

  19. King William I College
    Koning Willem I College is a unique regional education center for: primary education, secondary education (high school), higher education (community college), adult education

  20. Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine
    The main research targets and philosophies are divided in the departments: Maritime Management, International Security Studies, Maritime Engineering, Nautical Sciences, Combat Systems Department

  21. Leiden University
    Leiden offers students academic, personal and professional development and enables them to form international networks in the student-friendly and convenient environment of the historical city of Leiden.Offers Nine Faculties offer many educational programmes taught in Dutch or English.

  22. Nijenrode University
    Nyenrode, as the only private university in the Netherlands, is in itself a business. So student satisfaction, determined by the quality of programs, faculty and facilities.Provide talented and motivated men and women with a learning experience, in preparation for entrepreneurial management positions all over the world.

  23. NIMBAS Graduate School of Management
    The internationally respected Economist has placed NIMBAS 1st in the Netherlands and 56th in the world in its ranking of MBA programmes.The latest Financial Times survey of the world’s top 100 Full-time MBAs places NIMBAS at 76.

  24. Open University of the Netherlands
    Six top European business schools have teamed up to offer a first class executive MBA for the international manager and expatriate. offer you the best of both worlds: e-learning courses in combination with six residential weeks all over Europe,

  25. Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum (ROC) Twente Plus
    ROC Twente Plus - with departments focusing on Service Provision, Healthcare, Economics, Engineering and Technology and Education - offers training, educational tracks and courses to everyone at all levels.

  26. Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance
    Offers courses in Classical Music, Early Music, Jazz, Sonology, ArtScience, Art of Sound, Composition, Ballet

  27. Saba University School of Medicine
    Approved by the New York Department of Education and accredited by the (A.C.C.M.) Accreditation Commission of Colleges of Medicine.All classes are taught in English; Saba is a Dutch island with English as the first language.

  28. Saint James School of Medicine
    Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM) is committed to providing a comprehensive medical education leading to the award of a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree.

  29. SARA - Academic Computing Services Amsterdam
    SARA Computing and Networking Services is an advanced center of expertise that supplies – since more than 30 years – a complete package of high-performance computing, high-performance networking and infrastructure services.

  30. Tilburg University
    Tilburg University is a compact institution for higher education, specialised in human and social sciences and located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Tilburg University is well known for its high standards in education and scientific research as well as its good support facilities.

  31. TRAIL Research School
    TRAIL is the Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, a joint initiative of the Delft University of Technology, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and the University of Groningen.

  32. TSM Business School
    TSM is the Business School of the University of Twente. This University's technical and entrepeneurial tradition explains why TSM has always focused on technology-oriented professionals and organisations.

  33. United Nations University - Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH)
    UNU-INTECH is providing support for a national consultation process that will develop a biopharmaceutical system of innovation for Nigeria. UNU-INTECH is coordinating several interrelated studies to investigate the rapidly growing niche agricultural sectors that have emerged due to stronger integration into global markets or changes in domestic food systems.

  34. Universiteit van Amsterdam
    The Universiteit van Amsterdam is a comprehensive university which: holds and wishes to retain a strong disciplinary base in academic research and education. On this basis the Universiteit van Amsterdam intends to actively stimulate interdisciplinary co-operation in research and education

  35. University of Groningen
    The University of Groningen (founded in 1614) provides high quality research and education, is internationally oriented, respects differences in ambition and talent, works actively with business, the government and the public, and ranks among the best universities in Europe.

  36. University of Limburg at Maastricht
    Offers Arts and Culture, Economics and Business Administration, General Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine , Psychology, Life Sciences

  37. University of Nijmegen
    Offers Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Philosophy (only in Dutch), Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Nijmegen School of Management, Faculty of Science, adboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

  38. University of Twente
    The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university. It was founded in 1961 and offers education and research in areas ranging from public policy studies and applied physics to biomedical technology. The UT is the Netherlands' only campus university.

  39. University Utrecht
    one of Europe's largest and most prominent institutes of research and education. With 47 Bachelor's programmes and 162 Master's programmes, Utrecht University offers the broadest spectrum of disciplines available in the Netherlands, innovative research and liaises with universities and research centres all over the world.

  40. Van Hall Instituut
    The Van Hall Instituut is a University of Professional Education for Agriculture, Food Technology, and Environmental and Animal Sciences. It is a key teaching, training, and research centre in the north of the Netherlands offering students Bachelor and Specialist Certificate programmes, which focus on such themes as nature, the environment, animal care, rural resources, sustainability, and nutrition.

  41. Vrije Universiteit
    Offers Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Dentistry / ACTA, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Philosophy

  42. Wageningen Agricultural University
    Wageningen University was founded in 1918. In recent decades it has evolved into one of the world’s leading education and research centres in the plant, animal, environmental, agrotechnological, food and social sciences.

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