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  1. IMAG
    The IMAG chose to lead its scientific policy of research according to seven strategic axes Modeling and calculation, Software and systems, Linguistic communication and interaction nobody-system, Image, robotics and vision, Engineering and medical computing, Mathematics and logics for data processing, Cognitive systems.

  2. Institut des Sciences et des Techniques des Yvelines (ISTY)
    The ISTY collaborates narrowly with the industrialists and the organizations of research of the Western area of Paris, and in particular with Syntec Informatique, trade-union room of the software firms.The teachers of the data-processing die carry on as a majority their activities of research in the laboratory of PRISM data processing of the university of Versailles.

  3. Institut du Management de l'Achat Industriel (MAI)
    A group of approximately 50 % of engineers and scientists, 35 % of managers and 15 % of other specialists forms a dynamic, alive promotion and rich person of its various experiments.Studies with the M.A.I. a simple year of additional training, but a true year hinge does not constitute.The courses are based on real cases of company, work of group, talks, concrete exercises of application, plays of role, review articles...

  4. Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grinon
    The Paris-Grignon National Agronomics Institute is a publicly-funded higher education and research institute, and one of France's 10 leading "grandes écoles" (engineering schools). It is the foremost higher education establishment for life sciences, training 250 engineers and 70 doctors a year in addition to a wide range of other academic and "vocationally-oriented" courses, like the DEA (university post-graduate research), doctoral training, continuing education, "mastères spécialisés" (post-DEA specialisation), new engineering training, and so on.

  5. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
    The INRA centre of Jouy-en-Josas is comprised of 26 scientific research laboratories on animal production and the agri-food sector: genetics of breeding animals, physiology, animal pathology, hydrobiology, microbiology, food technology, human nutrition, food safety, biometrics, etc.It is one of INRA's 21 research centres throughout France and its overseas territories. In the Paris area, the Versailles-Grignon centre is its equivalent in plant biology and the environment. These two centres represent just over 20% of INRA's workforce.

  6. Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)
    The Maison des Arts et Métiers in Paris, INRIA has celebrated twenty years of company creation with 300 actors of the economic and new technology sectors, with the Minister for Industry and the Minister for Research.Conduct researches in Efficient runtime systems for parallel architectures, Linguistic signs, grammar and meaning: computational logic for natural language, Machine Learning and Optimisation.

  7. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon
    INSA Lyon is ranked among the top universities of Science and Technology in Europe, pluridisciplinary and international, at the heart of the European Higher Education Area.Over a 5 year curriculum it trains humanist multi-competent engineers who are both innovative and entrepreneurial.The University places pedagogical innovation at the core of its training programme in order to produce engineers who possess qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  8. Institut Supérieur d' Electronique de Paris
    ISEP has got several partnerships with prestigious universities all over the world.Moreover the school receives foreign students in the engineering cycle; its Master of Science, opened in October 2002 and taught in English, is very successful. A new program like this will open soon, in February 2004.

  9. Institut Supérieur de Gestion
    Accredited by the University of Wales and the IACBE , this challenging, rigorous and culturally enriching program is open to all students who appreciate the anglo-saxon approach to education, value speaking several languages and learning about other cultures, and who understand the increasingly global nature of international business. Through its integration of culture, economics, and world business, the international BBA gives students an active approach to the global environment.

  10. Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et de l'Aromatique Alimentaire (ISIPCA)
    offers students and professionals the ressources of an institution that has earned the esteem of perfume, cosmetics and flavouring industries. ISIPCA trains specialists in the areas of product development and sales support management. ETC-PCA prepares students for future employment in sales and production activities.CRES-IPCA offers research institutes, universities and businesses a rare corps of expertise in the areas of perfumery, cosmetics an flavourings.

  11. International Management Institute of Paris
    IMI-MBA Institute for french students ofer international businss in a bilingual environment and later earn an MBA degree from one of the world's top programs.Graduates from the IMP-MBA Institue, which offers a curriculum based on theat of hte to undergraduate business schools in teh U.S, are active in international companies worldwide. Moreover, the IMP-MBA Institute is the largest french sourse of admitted applicants to the top MBA programs in the United states and Europe.

  12. L'Académie de Nice
    Offers Arts and culture, Astronomy: The site of the CLEA, Aeronautical Patent of Initiation (BIA), data-processing Patent and Internet, Education with the media, numerical Space of Savoirs and Academic Pole of Support for Innovation.

  13. L'Ecole des Mines de Paris
    Offers Master degree in Science and Executive Engineering, Engineers of the State Technical Corps, The Masters programmes "Formations spécialisées" , The PhDs, Higher Institute of Information Technology and Control Engineering and conduct researches in Armines, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Process Engineering and Energetics, Materials Sciences and Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science Systems and Control, Social and Economics Sciences.

  14. L'Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Rennes (INSA)
    Etablissement Public with character Scientific, Culturel and Professionnel, under supervision of the Ministry for national Education, Research and Technology , the INSA of Rennes is a school of engineers whose diplomas are recognized by Commission of Titres of Ingenior.

  15. Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle de Paris 8
    The LIASD, Laboratoire of Artificial Intelligence of Saint-Denis exists since 1971 (team of reception EA 3054). It is located at the Informatique department of the University Paris 8 . The LIASD is attached to the Doctoral School Company Data-processing Information Culture (SIIC). The research of the LIASD is structured in research projects managed by teams or sub-groups.

  16. Management Institute of Paris (MIP)
    The LIASD takes part in various national and international projects. Many contacts, invitations and collaborations take place in particular with other laboratories (MIT Media Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Boston University, Federal Polytechnic Ecole of Lausanne). The LIASD takes part in the creation of French-speaking institutes of teaching and research (Georgia and Congo).

  17. Marchutz School
    The Marchutz School offers students a unique opportunity to study abroad in the rich artistic environment of Aix-en-Provence - land of Paul Cézanne. And yet, the school is not based simply on one place or one personality.Also combine studio art, museum study, and critical dialogue in the light of Provence.

  18. Paris Fashion Institute
    The Paris Fashion Institute was established in l976, utilizing the special opportunities to fully explore the creative process that only Paris offers. It is the only school offering both fashion design and marketing/merchandising disciplines as a joint entity.

  19. Parsons School of Design
    Paris Fashion Institute hosts three separate seminars each consisting of an intensive four-week program. These seminars are held during the months of January, June and September. All of our classes are taught in English. Offer Architectural Design, Communication Design, Design & Management, Fashion Design etc.,

  20. Reims Management School
    The Center of Simulation of l'Ecole is one of most significant and most powerful in the world. It constitutes a teaching platform innovation and a laboratory studies on the behaviors and the decision-making processes.The Trading room has financial, economic and stock exchange data bases on all the companies dimensioned in the world giving place to research and publications on l'organisation and the operation of the financial markets and the valorization of the companies.

  21. Sorbonne, La
    The University of Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV offers the widest range of subjects in arts, languages and social sciences of all Paris universities. The University is simultaneously a large undergraduate university and one of the most prestigious research universities in the world.Have the foollowing departments of study French and Comparative Literature, French Language Studies, Latin, Greek, Philosophy and Sociology etc.,

  22. Theseus International Management Institute
    Provide an analytical and creative thread through the complex labyrinth of continuing social, economic, technological and personal changes and challenges. Not to mention the ability to locate and combat the competitive Minotaurs confronting every business during the evolution of the information age. Offers Core Faculty, Affiliated Faculty, Visiting Faculty.

  23. Universite de Caen
    Offers Courses with the following subjects Sciences, Letters,Humanities, Sport, Economics, Medicine.

  24. Universite de Provence, Aix-Marseille I
    Offers two great disciplinary sectors: Sciences and technologies on the one hand, Letters and social sciences on the other hand. These formations rest on more than sixty units of research labellized of international level.The scientific production of the teams contributes to the development new savoirs, but also to the technical, economic and social innovation in area, as well on the levels national as international.

  25. Universite de Rouen
    Offers Letters, Social sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Sciences of Education, Right, Sciences Economic and Management, Medicine and Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology, Sciences of the Sport and Physical Education.

  26. Universite' de Nice - Sophia Antipolis (UNSA)
    Established on all the department of the Maritime Alps, the university of Nice Sophia Antipolis is the second multi-field university of France in a number of students. The re-entry 2003 saw the University accomodating 26 865 students including 14% foreigners.

  27. Université Bordeaux 1
    Bordeaux I university, an important economic and social player in the region, has privileged links with a number of both public (the regional council, the county council and the towns Talence, Pessac, Gradignan) and private partners. A key element behind this reasoning, and, consequently, the place of Bordeaux I, the overhang of knowledge through research participates towards emerging entrepreneurial projects, and developing technological innovation.

  28. Université Bordeaux 2 - Victor Segalen
    Offers Cognitive Sciences,ESTBB, ISPED, Medicine, Dentistry, Oenology, Pharmacy, Human Sciences, Modelling Sciences, Life Sciences, STAPS, Spas & Hydrotherapy.

  29. Université Catholique de l'Ouest
    It is an institute of higher education within the Catholic University of the West (12,000 students). Offers History of France, Cultural Anthropology, History of Art, Social-Economic Current Events, English Translation, Japanese Translation, Theology etc.

  30. Université Charles de Gaulle - Lille 3
    Establishment in scientific, cultural and professional matter, the Charles-of-Gaulle University - Lille 3 is the heiress of the Faculty of Arts and Arts founded in Douai in 1562 per Philippe II of Spain.

  31. Université Claude Bernard - LYON 1
    More half of the activity of research develops in the field of the Health and Life sciences, the other part concerned with Sciences of the Matter and Technology, with many collaborations existing between these two sectors. The university benefit of a high support and in constant progression of the local communities, and in particular of the Rhone-Alps area: purses of mobility, research emergent sets of themes and, TICE, life coed, assistance with the professionnalisation.

  32. Université d'Aix-Marseille
    Offers various course through the different faculties of the university such as Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts etc.,

  33. Université d'Angers
    The University of Angers, to multi-field vocation, offers a broad choice of traditional formations as well as innovative. Nearly 16 000 students and 2 000 trainees in continuous training profit from dies of diversified formations and with professional purpose. Anxious to reinforce its potential of research, the University of Angers concentrates its means around privileged axes of development, in close connection with the communities and the companies.

  34. Université de Haute Alsace
    The UHA today, it is: 8000 students, 473 teachers, 800 frees-lance, 412 administrative staffs and technical,3 Faculties, 2 Schools of Engineers in the process of federate to form the University Polytechnic School.

  35. Université de Nantes
    Here Units of formation and research is divided into various disciplines such as Right, sciences economic, management Letters languages and social sciences, Sciences and technology of the sport, Health.

  36. Université de Paris-Sud XI
    Offers education through The university is composed of 5 Faculties (Sciences, Law and Economic Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Sports Science) 3 IUTs, Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (Academic Institutes of Technology).

  37. Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
    Biological genius agro-alimentary option , Data-processing Data statistics and Processing - STID, Genius of Telecommunications and Networks - GTR, Data processing, Thermal genius and Energy - GTE, Science and Genius of Materials - SGM, Industrial engineering and Maintenance - GIM, Mathematics, Mathematics Applied and Social Sciences, Data processing, Physical sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Life sciences, Biology of the organizations.

  38. Université de Poitiers
    Offers faculties: theology, canon law, civil law, medicine and arts, letters, sciences. the University of Poitiers radiates on the cultural life of the city. At that time, it is quoted like the second university of France, after Paris; 4000 students attend the University.

  39. Université de Reims
    Offers faculties of arts, civil law and gun, medicine, theology, mixed Faculty of medicine and pharmacy, Faculty of letters, social sciences, economic science, Faculty of Law.

  40. Université de Rennes
    The university of Rennes 1 is a multi-field university which includes/understands 17 components (unit of formation and research, institutes, school) distributed essentially on three campuses in Rennes Rennes Beaulieu in the east of the villle,Rennes Centers with several site, Rennes Villejean in the North-West of the city.Offer the Service of the training courses and employment Contribute to the students in the search of a training course or the first employment (possibility of appointment) councils for letter, CV, maintenance.

  41. Université de Savoie
    The University of Savoy will be, with the nearest re-entry, one of the first French universities to set up, for the whole of its formations, the harmonization of the European diplomas . Offers Around the three diplomas - Licence, Master and Doctorat - the University of Savoy will thus continue to propose courses of formations in the 5 great fields where it already knew to be made a fame, often beyond the borders: Transborder letters, Languages and Studies, Social sciences, Right Economic sciences and of Management, Sciences and Technologies.

  42. Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
    Offers Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Faculty of the Economic sciences and Social, Sciences of the Earth, Data processing, Electronics and Electrical engineering.

  43. Université Joseph Fourier
    Offers Physical and Sporting activities, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Data processing and mathematics applied, Mathematics (Fourier Institute), Mechanics, Medicine, Pharmacy and Physics.

  44. Université Paris IX Dauphine
    Offers Right, Economy, Management, Data-processing, Languages, Mathematical, political Sciences, Sociology, multi-field Formations.

  45. Université Paris V René Descartes
    University currently includes/understands 10 Units of formation and research (UFR) or faculties established in Paris and in Island-of-France.University accomodates, each year, more than 32000 students in his various components and services established in Paris and in Island-of-France.

  46. Université Paris VII Denis Diderot
    Offers various courses such as Lettres, langues, sciences humaines, sciences, medicine etc.,

  47. Université Paris XII - Val de Marne
    Offers Town Planning, Sciences and Technology, Eccnomic sciences and of Management, Letters and Social sciences, Medicine,Science of education and sciences social.

  48. Université Paul Sabatier
    Offers Medical Faculty of Science, Pharmaceutical Faculty of Science, Faculty of Dental surgery, Biotechnologies, Engineering of the information processing systems and automatic, information and architecture of the systems for the management of companies, Systems of telecommunications and data-processing networks (STRI).

  49. Université Toulouse 1
    Offers Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Administration, UFR of data processing ,Institute of Administration of Companies ( IAE ) and having the following departments of studies Physical and sporting activity ( DAPS ), Mathematics, Political science and sociology, History, Languages and civilization Social sciences for the engineer.

  50. Wine MBA
    Our international network. Although the Wine MBA degree is delivered by Bordeaux Business School, the program is carried out with our 3 partner universities. Participants travel successively to 4 major wine producing regions, where they are hosted by: Bordeaux Business School, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, University of California, Davis. Each of the 4 universities is a renowned "Center of excellence" in one or two of the 6 modules taught in the program.

  51. École Emile Cohl
    Offers General culture, History of art, English, Documentary study, Plaster drawing, Drawing of object,Outline, Drawing of animation, Drawing of characters, Alive model, Sculpture, Comic strip, Artistic anatomy, Data-processing initiation.

  52. École Française d'Électrique et d'Informatique (EFREI)
    Offers Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Technical Sciences,Business and applications, Personal Development, Languages and International Activities.

  53. École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications Bretagne
    ENST Bretagne offers a wide range of courses ( Engineering, Mastères, MSc, PhD foundation years, PhD theses, Continuing Education) linked with the fields of New Information Communication Technologies. It also has a major role in research in this domain and works in partnership with the principle companies in the public and private sectors.

  54. École Spéciale de Mécanique et d'Électricité
    For nearly a century, since 1905, the ESME-Sudria has been training engineers in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, and Computer Engineering.

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